Huntington Bank BAO
Angular, TypeScript, Ngrx, RxJS
Worked on Angular project for Huntington bank Business Account Opening flow. Utilized TypeScript, Ngrx and RxJS for app state management. Unfortunately, I cannot showcase code here for banking security reason.
Professional Banking Dashboard
React, Create-React-App, Material UI
React built professional banking dashboard with Redux for state management and Material UI design
Media Application
React, FireBase, Bootstrap
Media Single Page React Application built with FireBase authentication. Custom UX/UI design with Bootstrap. Hosting in serverless Netlify.
React, Gatsby, Semantic UI
React built portfolio with Gatsby JS and Semantic UI design. It is deployed in a cPanel hosting server, FastComet.
React E-commerce
React, Gatsby, Contentful
Gatsby built E-commerce website with lightspeed load time and custom SEO for excellent user experience, manage product inventory with Contentful Graphql API.
Business E-commerce
WordPress, PHP
WordPress built E-commerce website that generate over hundred thousand sales via the utilization of Getresponse and Pipedrive for custom HTML email marketing campaign and CRM. Live chat integrates with Tidio and Zendesk for the support ticket system.
Node Js App
Node, Express, MongoDB
Handles API requests and submit to Airtable, Twilio and SendGrid. It also perform Web Scraping with Puppeteer in order to collect information from other existing website.